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Barkley :  May 2017 Pet of the Month

Meet Barkley, he is our Dog Of The Month for May! His owner was in the Cayman Islands and fell in love with this big guy and thankfully rescued him from his horrible situation! He was a street dog with scars and an infected eye, which had to be removed. With his backstory, the owners believed he may have been a bait dog.To everyones surprise and despite his history, he is the sweetest and most well-mannered dog! His Pet Care Professional Lora says he's the best dog she's ever boarded! Their favorite thing to do together is cuddle on the sofa and hold hands/paws while they watch TV together. We are so happy to honor Barkley as our Dog Of The Month!

He will be rewarded with a Dogs On The Run Certificate and a bag of treats from Dexters Deli!