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Bringing your dog to daycare is a great way to get socialization, fun, and exercise without worrying about them being bored or being destructive at home.

Plus, no more feeling guilty about working long days, or going out after work.

Benefits of Doggie Daycare

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Destructive chewing, barking, digging, and house soiling are often the result of boredom, under-stimulation, or lack of exercise.Dogs On The Run provides your dog with the exercise and stimulation.


Dogs are pack animals; therefore, being alone can be distressing. In fact, many wild dogs go from birth to death with out spending a minute alone! At Dogs On The Run your pooch will enjoy romping and playing all day long.


Your dog will spend the day running, playing... They will be exercised and well behaved when you come to pick them up!

And most of all...because it’s FUN!!!


Daycare Rates

Per day:1 dog$40
Regardless of time spent on site
Puppy rate
Per day:$10
Additional fee
Pet Taxi rate
Each way$20


Everything has been great. We have utilized both the pet daycare as well as the dog walking services and have been thrilled! The professionals communicate with us while we were away. Both of our professionals have done an AMAZING job with this. We receive multiple text messages each day when we use the service and nothing makes us feel better than knowing our puppy is being so well taken care of! Great work all around.
Zachary J., San Marcos, CA